Information for Au-Pair

The Au-Pair word comes from the French term, meaning “equal to” or “on a par”.  Participants of the program will have free accommodation, full board and purse money from hosting family in exchange for taking care for children and doing some easy household duties.  In au-pair program one may find that it is often that the ones who leave are girls, however there are more and more boys who want to be an au-pair. The assumption of the program is, that au-pair is treated like a family member, rather than a traditional domestic worker. The goal of stay is learning of language, meeting new culture and customs of other country.

How to become an Au-pair?

You will become an Au-pair if you will fill out and send us all the forms needed for the program (you will find them in Documents section)

We will help you with all stages of recruitment. Submit today and ask for mediation.

We have enlisted contact form, which in short and easy way will help you get into relations with our agency. If you want we will send information and application documents on your e-mail address. Fill out them carefully and send them to us. If you cannot print them, we will send all the documents on your home address (mark it in your contact form). After sending us all your documents and accepting application, we will start with choosing the host family. With your permission we will pace your photo with short description on our website, which will fasten the course of mediation. Remember that your pictures should present you smiling and cheerful. Families often decide after looking at photos.  If you will not want to publicize your photo on our website, we will respect your privacy. After choosing of host family, we will send you them your telephone number, so German family could call you and meet you by the phone.

We will help you to prepare for such conversation, you may ask them about everything so ask away, clarify the unknown and do not be shy if your language skills are not fully polished. The decision about travel depends on you and the family.

We try to select families which are the best for the criteria given by an Au-pair in their application form. So the thoroughness, precision and look of the form are your showcase.

To whom we aim our offer?

We aim our offer to young people between 18 and 25 years old, who wants to learn German language in Germany while staying with a host family for exchange of taking for their children. If you would answer all following questions with a Yes – write to us and then we would start an initial application.

-         I am 18-27 years old,

-         I can communicate in German or English,

-         I am healthy person,

-         I am not a criminal, and never had any problems with law,

-         I have an experience with child care,

-         I am independent and available.

Should you have any questions regarding our terms, write, call us or leave us a message and we will call you.

Change of family

It is very important to us that both hosting family and you to suit your taste.  If by any means you cannot establish relations or some conflict occurred, we will try to settle the problem. Sometimes the cause of the conflict is a cultural difference, so before changing the family you should talk to us and we will explain the conflict with hosting family. If we come to conviction that both sides really cannot make connection, we will decide about change of family. Trial period will start from the first day and end after 3 months, the end of third month is recognized as accepting of hosting family.

Why mediation of our agency?

-         Our agency does not take any fee for application and any cost for mediation;

-         We help without any fee for translating documents to German.

-         We carefully select the best possible family;

-         We check credibility of host family;

-         We ensure care and contact while stay with family in Germany;

-         We enable the change of family if it is needed.


Our agency carefully checks the credibility of families. Families who does not fulfill our standards, who take advance of Au-pair or in any other way violate her or his dignity we mark them on our black list, and they will never be taken into account as host families.


There are known cases of girls who wanted to search for family on their own and more than once they found themselves disappointed (i.e. deception or abuse). Such families often does not sign agreements and do not know any IAPA rules. IF should be taken into account if looking for a family on your own is worth such a risk, or just give an order to specialized and qualified for such matter Agency.