Necessary Documents:


1. Registrations form (Anmeldeformular) – fill out this form carefully with a black fine liner. This document will go to host family.

PDF-Dokument [35.1 KB]


2.Reference (reg. child care) – this form needs to be filled out by people of children you cared for.  Although, it cannot be done by anyone from your own family.

Child care reference.pdf
PDF-Dokument [25.8 KB]


3.Language Certification – this form needs to be filled out by teacher of Garman language, it can be done also by your educator or school principal. Language Certificates or copies of certificates of finishing a German language course.

Language Certificate.pdf
PDF-Dokument [15.8 KB]


4. Medical Certificate – this form is filled out by general practitioner

Ärztliches Attest
Medical check.pdf
PDF-Dokument [16.3 KB]


5.Letter from Au-pair to Host family – you need to write about your desire of coming to the family as au-pair, write about your interests, where do you live, what do you do, how old are you, write about your dreams and your dream job. Imagine that you write to your friend and you want to tell her something about you.


6. Copy of your Identity Card (both sides) or passport.


7.Certificate of non-criminal record (CRB check).


8. Passport photo (1 piece).


9. Picture of you – send it by e-mail.


10. Agreement to participate in the program – you will get it after accepting the family.



Hier kannst du PDF Adobe Reader kosenlos downloaden: