General rules of au-pair program.

Au-pair is a young person who wants to learn a foreign language in a country where this language is a mother tongue.  Coming to Germany in Au-pair program gives a great possibility to learn German language in only a few months.  Often after returning to country, Au-pair still maintain contact with hosting family, and even visit them for vacation, what gives further possibility to polish their language skills. From our experience we know that some people even start their study on German universities, such as University of Heidelberg, University of Manheim or University of Frankfurt.  Being Au-pair gives lot possibilities or gaining independence, meeting new interesting people and other cultures.


Au-pair program in Germany is realized according with recommendation of Au pair Convention (Convention number 068 European Agreement on Au Pair Placement from 1969), which states that Au-pair stay with host family, is a form somewhere between a student stay and going abroad for work. The program is realized in consult with International Organization IAPA (International Au Pair Association).


In Germany Au-pair program come under the control of Department for Work and Pensions and Department of Foreigners. Those Departments check credibility, honesty, loyalty and financial situation of families who want to join the program and have desire to be a host for au-pair

What duties Au-pair have? 


The duties of Au-pair are:

-         Taking care of children;

-         Driving kids to and from school/activities;

-         Playing with children and watching for them;

-         Doing typical easy household duties ( tiding children room, making their beds, ironing, help with preparing meals)

-         Cleaning after meals and washing dishes (the use of washing machine)

-         Helping or doing by themselves the grocery shopping

-         Cleaning their own room and bathroom (if they have one)

-         Laundry and sometimes ironing.

-         Taking out the trash

-         Looking after pets

-         Small gardening

-         Minding the rules of a family, the things they taught their children

-         In any means never hitting a child nor being aggressive towards the children

-         Never leaving the children without care

-         1 or 2 times a week babysitting.

-         Make rules with family about punishing and rewarding children

-         Do not wanting other job while abroad.

-         Agree with the family about free time and other plans.

-         Covering the debts (i.e. phone bills)


Au-pair need to accept the rules of the program. If she will not abide by them or ever falsify any information in application documents or will not abide the rules in German family, she will be expelled from the program and she will need to go back to Poland.


If there are any suspicions, that living with the family will not be good, she need to inform our Agency as fast as possible. Then the changing of the family will conclude (more information in changing the family section).

The duties of host family:


-         Pick up Au-pair from train station or airport.

-         Giving the purse money – 260 euros.

-         Full board

-         Accommodation (own room)

-         4 weeks paid vacation.

-         1 day off during week

-         Free evening (except for babysitting)

-         Give ability to go to a language course.

-         Treating au-pair as a family member.

-         Acting with respect towards au-pair (also towards children)

-         Assuring the health insurance and insurance from accidents.

-         Hosting families do not have to pay for monthly tickets, but often take pay for the cost of driving to school.

Host family will have access to following documents about the candidate:

-         Form with personal information of a candidate

-         Letter to the family

-         Reference letter about minding children

-         Medical attestation

-         Photo of Au-pair

-         A copy of personal ID or passport (page with personal information)


After phone call, sending all the documents and accepting and signing the agreement by both sides, the formalities will end.


It is necessary to inform our Agency without delay about departure and coming to Germany (exact date and your of arrival). After 2 first weeks of stay one should sent a report about stay in host family (by mail or e-mail) to the address of our office.

During first week after arrival to the family it is necessary to fulfill important formalities:

-         Check in with Residents' Registration Office

-         Report to Employment Agency, does not concern since 01.05.2011

-         Perform another medical check-up (it is not demanded in all Lands)

-         Before return to Poland one need to announce departure with Residents’ Registration Office.

Language Course:

Learning in language school is not obligatory, however while being Au-pair it is worthy to invest time and abilities into language course. You will meet not only interesting people but also you will participate in other events.

It is often that host families pay for the course and help with choosing the course and place to stay.

Free Time and Vacation:

You have right for free time and vacation. Au-pair works from 5 to 6 hours a day max 30 a week.

It is for the best to agree with family about duties and time of work.


Vacations are after working for six months. Au-pair should have 4 week full paid vacation.

Cost for our mediation:

Our agency does not take any money for mediating for Au-pair candidate!

Arrival to German and Return:

Only costs which candidate needs to bear are for the ticket to and from Germany. But often host families pay for Au-pair travel.

Health Service and Insurance:

The family pays the costs of health care and insurance during a stay in Germany.

It should be considered to discern and insurance also by yourself. Often buying a insurance for small amount of money enables to receive compensation.

Exemplary plan of a day:

About 7.00 in the morning.

Making a breakfast, lay the table and prepare groceries. Cleaning after breakfast. Prepare children for kindergarten or school, help with dressing, minding and help with washing. Drive kids do school/activities. Cleaning children room and making their beds. Easy household duties i.e.  Laundry.



About 12.00

Help with making a dinner, laying the table. Possibly taking kids from kindergarten or school. Cleaning after dinner.


About 16.00

Participation in a language course.



Laying the table for supper, helping with supper. Cleaning afterwards, playing with children. Preparing them for sleep, reading stories.